Ceramic Injection Moulding CIM

Ceramic Injection Moulding is a high-pressure injection moulding of powders made of advanced ceramic material. The company Vibrom s.r.o. processes Al2O3, ZrO2 and TiO2. Feedstock, i.e. the injection material, is prepared directly in our company by mixing of ceramic powders and binders, followed by granulation.

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Metal Injection Moulding MIM

The technology MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) is modern technological procedure for production of small metal parts. It is suitable for the applications that require accurate dimensions and cover at least annual production volume of 5,000 pcs. Now we can use a wide range of metal materials, from structural and stainless steels up to titanium or tungsten.

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The company Vibrom s.r.o. has a long-term tradition in the field of PIM (powder injection moulding), particularly in processing of ceramic powders. After two years of testing, the company enters the market with processing of metal powders. The company processes advanced ceramic (CIM) and metal (MIM) powders and special plastic materials (e.g. filled with 60% of glass). The technology PIM is modern technological procedure that combines the technology of injection of plastics and conventional powder method.

The company has available modern technology with a system of 100% quality control (3D measurement, defectoscopy station) and is holder of a certificate ISO 9001.

For production of parts the company uses injection presses by Arburg. The injection moulding technology enables production of parts with complicated shapes in big series at much lower costs compared with conventional methods of processing of ceramic materials and metals.

Furthermore, the company is engaged in processing of reactive plastics for production of blast media and in designing of vibration mills.